Small seeds for big ideas

A venture is a journey full of opportunities, life and enthusiasm. We are amazed about the opportunity to provide guidance, expertise and asset funds from experienced investors to startup new businesses fitting new markets in Eurozone-28




    Building businesses with strong plans and execution behaviour backed by revenue recognition is the signature of quality for beautiful market approval as well as the expectation that financial gain will follow


    We ensure our teams have the needed help and access to technology and assets needed to move ideas from concepts to executed P&L's


    Mentoring is an asset. The guidance provided by the ecosystem help early-startups to navigate the venture with confidence offsetting risks


What is Quickers?

Quickers Ventures is a private equity firm with a digital ecosystem network that works as engine accelerating startups and we do it by funding and crowdfunding
The last one is an increasingly popular option for any small business looking to raise money and it's one of the most accessible ways of financing a new idea or product
Instead of seeking a large sum from a single source, like angel investors or a bank, crowdfunding raises small amounts of money from a large number of people—often in exchange for direct rewards—who want to see a project succeed

How does it work?

Backers are given various “rewards” based on the level of funding they provide. These rewards can include an exclusive promotional item, advance access to the product being supported, or some form of public recognition
Some campaigns offer equity in place of rewards to become real owners of the company

Which types of investment can I do with Quickers?

Equity: Equity crowdfunding gives contributors partial ownership of a business in exchange for the capital they provide. By investing in a startup you will get equity in return. You will be owner in a percentage of that venture with the expectation that every Euro invested today will worth more tomorrow

 any type of crowdfunding campaign that incentivizes contributors with rewards (but not a stake in the resulting business) upon completion can be considered rewards-based

Specific product: you can support and back a tangible item with no need to support a brand or broad ideas. You can invest in a product that fills a need or a gap, then we find the market that craves it. Often, we develop a prototype that taps into those needs.

Which are the benefits for startups?

The more you know about the target market for the product or business you plan to launch, the more you’ll reduce your financial risk, and getting backed with Quickers through equity or crowdfunding can be an excellent tool for conducting market research
Pre-selling your product via a Quickers campaigns helps validate your creative projects by giving you a solid answer to the question, “Will anyone buy this?”
Manufacturing your product without any indication of how it will sell could cost you a significant amount of time and money if it turns out the demand for your idea isn’t strong

Where do we operate?

We are a company registered in the Kingdom of Spain (EU) and located in Alicante. We operate in Eurozone 28 and have startups in Italy and Spain